The Project Car Diary, Part 2. I drive a Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

What started this whole silliness about an older car with a potential transplant, and modernized suspension and brakes was, the sixties Jaguar MKII. I spent an afternoon watching the coverage of the GoodWood Festival of Speed, and specifically, their historic racing. When you think of historic racing, you think mostly of people taking their babies … More The Project Car Diary, Part 2. I drive a Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag.

Bikes At the Track

A new experience for me. I got invited out by @dan.robertson to check him out at a motorcycle lapping day, at the always popular (and technically challenging) Calabogie Motorsports Park. I wouldn’t be riding (obviously, I’ve never been on a bike in my life!) but I grabbed my trusty cameras (yes, plural) and took a … More Bikes At the Track

What’s In A Name?

Yeah, I know, it’s a bit of an automotive trope these days. But cars SHOULD have names. A4 is a piece of paper, not a compact sedan, 300 is my threshold for “I can buy this toy without discussion” not a fullsize sedan, and 124 is… someone who can’t count?

The Totally Stolen From Somewhere Else “CrapCarGarage”

So, we’re all enthusiasts here, and we all get our ideas from the community around us, the material we read, and the ideas that spurs – I’m no different. And as you may have guessed, The Truth About Cars is one of my daily fixes. Recently they started a series called “Crapwagon Garage”, each article … More The Totally Stolen From Somewhere Else “CrapCarGarage”

The Name Game

So, Ford is bringing back the Ranger and Bronco (both midsize Body-on-Frame, one a truck, one an actual 4×4 SUV, rather than softroader/CUV). Mitsubishi is bringing the name “Eclipse” back, but not as a hot coupe, but a compact CUV (Eclipse Cross). And that’s the point at which TTAC asks what else? Does it make … More The Name Game