We here at The Drunken Wrench believe in… well, a lot.  But what we enjoy is cars, and beer.  And, we talk about both of them a lot.

We have a podcast, and we think you might enjoy it, please click through, and give us a listen – at the same time, we know that when we get a few beers in us, we can get a little… stream of consciousness in our discussions.

So, this will be a place where we not only distribute the podcast, but also link back to our social media, where you can take part in smaller discussions, but we’ll also be providing some longer form thoughts about cars, beers, the automotive industry, gaming (yes, gaming) race craft, and whatever else strikes our fancy, as we continue to learn about these things we love.

Your hosts here are Mark Ramsden (myself) and Colton McCrae, and rarely will you find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.