What’s In A Name?

Yeah, I know, it’s a bit of an automotive trope these days. But cars SHOULD have names. A4 is a piece of paper, not a compact sedan, 300 is my threshold for “I can buy this toy without discussion” not a fullsize sedan, and 124 is… someone who can’t count?

So, I gotta give Ford/Lincoln some notable props for not only bringing names back to the line-up, but GOOD names. This comes on the news that the Lincoln MKC will no longer be the Lincoln MKC, but the Lincoln CORSAIR.

That’s a proper fucking name for a vehicle.

Admittedly, it’s a less proper name for a leather-and-chrome Ford Escape. But it’s trying. Q5 (audi) and X3 (BMW) and the alpha-numeric salad that is a Mercedes compact Crossover? They say nothing to me. Corsair? Shit, that speaks to me. Like I said, it’s not gonna be what I personally envision when I hear “Corsair” but dammit, they’re trying. And good on ‘em.

Once upon a time, cars had NAMES. The Germans, ever emotionless, really started this “numbers” game, and it became equated with luxury, as they themselves became equated with luxury. But Domestics, especially, had NAMES. “The Judge”. “The Impala”. “The MUSTANG”. Even the Japanese got in on it, with the wonderfully descriptive “Fairlady” and others of the ilk – Super cars, especially Italians, have always had amazing names for their cars. Lamborghini’s are named for fucking MURDER COWS. Even stoic Aston Martin and Jaguar had proper names – “Sovereign”; “Lagonda”. Even the “DB” series of cars was initialized for the saviour of the company, David Brown.

Automotive fans talk a hell of a game about the “soul” of a vehicle, but it’s hard for anything called the “x3mi” to have soul in it. That’s the designation you give to an automaton.

The Lincoln line-up, despite being almost all gussied-up rebadges of Fords (with some notably sweet engines, to be sure) , have actual names, and, yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

Corsair. Continental. Navigator. Nautilus. They’re definitely getting there. There’s a theme, and some evocative names there. There’s a lot that’s not worth learning from Lincoln, but their name-game is on fucking point.

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