State of the Union & Cars’n’Coffee Cornwall

Well, we’re behind again. And after we said, last episode, that wouldn’t happen again.


Life happens. And the reality is, it’s family, friends, work, play, in that order. Which is what has gotten on top of us. I’ve had an illness in the family (although things are looking a lot better now, it was touch and go for my mom for a while), and @colton has been burning the midnight oil at work, and house hunting.

Which means we haven’t recorded in a month again. And, we wanted to, not just because there’s things to talk about, but there’s an event a-happenin’.

So, you get a post instead (and this is duped across a couple of platforms to get the word out).

Specifically, June 2nd is Cornwall Cars’n’Coffee. There’s a host of sponsors (we’re probably the most lackluster. LOL) and prizes, and it should be a good time.


If you’re anywhere close, you should get thee to this show! Will be a good time, with a ton of cool vehicles of all persuasions. If Colton’s driving up with me (and I have a feeling that’ll be the case) we might to an episode-on-the-road-and-on-site again.

One way or another, there’ll be a new episode soon-ish, giving updates on what’s going on.

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